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Access to a save, private place where you can be yourself and ask me all your burning questions about your Love Blocks, Dating, Choosing the right man, Traumas, Fears, Beliefs, Manifestation, Karma and more. 

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3 Days of 30 min
Live Group Q&A with Simona on Zoom
45 -min Private Love Breakthrough Session to Lasting Love
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 This is a one-time offer that you WILL NOT SEE again.
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Live Group Q &A on Zoom
30 min for 3 days
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VIPs will get access in the Zoom room and after the workshop.

Bring ALL your questions to the live Q&A and get the support you need! Whether you have a question about your clarity, plan of actions, negative beliefs, fears, doubts, dating, mindset, healing, energies, manifestation, alignment etc.

I cover all of those topics AND MORE on the calls.
45-min one on one Breakthrough session with Simona
(£1,000 value)

In this call, you will experience the 3 “Must Have” Strategies You Need to Remove Your Love Blocks and Attract The Man Who Has All The Qualities You Want…

What you will get in the 45 min with me:

– clarity about your deepest love blocks – we are going to have an honest conversation about your love life where we are going deeper to identify the root cause of your inability to be in the perfect love relationship.
– clarity about your love goals – we will identify precisely your soul-aligned love goal for speeding up the manifestation process.
– create a step-by-step tangible action plan to eliminate your love blocks & attract the man who has all the qualities you want, in the next 2 to 6 months – without a clear plan full of soul-aligned actions you will never attract what you want.
 Access To A Private Facebook Group with 24/7 support.
(£250 value)

Hang out with other ladies like you in the group to stay accountable, engaged and connected with amazing ladies who understand your language! You can post your questions any time to receive Simona's support in the challenge time.
Lifetime Access To All The Recordings 
(£500 value)

You will get lifetime access to all the trainings of the challenge.

And trust me, I've had clients who have managed to cure years of anxiety, depression, and lethargy just by listening to my videos. And many of my clients had many different AHA moments after listening to my videos again and again. 

5 Video Trainings For Stop Attracting The Wrong Men
(£500 value)

1. How To Break The Pattern Of Attracting Men With Lack Of Integrity
2. How To Break The Pattern Of Attracting Uncommitted Men
3. How To Break The Pattern Of Attracting Emotionally Unavailable Men
4. How To Break The Pattern Of Attracting Unattractive Men
5. How To Break The Pattern Of Attracting Men Without Financial Stability
BONUS 5: Lasting Love Readiness Assessment

This amazing love test will clearly identify if you need healing first or mindset or maybe you need to start with focused & aligned actions.

 This test will give you clarity of how ready you are for starting a lasting love relationship and what you need to improve.


SUPER BONUS 1:  Bloom Your Income

Do you want to have it all? Therefore, I introduced as BONUS - lifetime access to my signature Bloom Your Income Online Program. This program will help you to align your income together with your love life. In this program you will learn how to structure your income so to earn more money, attract better job opportunities and more clients. This is the training that will teach you the most important 2 energy that money represents. You will know what energy you need to contain so to be able to attract fast more money, so to eliminate the fear of investing in yourself and recovering your investment. 

SUPER BONUS 2:  Private Session With Simona

One hour private coaching session with myself at zero additional cost. You might know that I no longer really accept private students, unless it's really important and one hour with me is £2000. But because I really want to make sure that the action takers who this program really spoke to get everything right and are on the right track to success, I'm going to give you a full hour live one on one video call through zoom or Skype or Google Hangouts with you at a zero additional cost.

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One Month Access To a VIP Group

Two Live Q &A Calls On Zoom - (Value £2000)
Two Intuitive Readings & Clearings Sessions - (Value £2000)
One Month Access To A Private Facebook Group with 24/7 support  - (Value £500)

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 This is a one-time offer that you WILL NOT SEE again.