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Elena Cellai ~ Project Manager

'Yesterday I finished my 3-month program (that, of course, I decided to prolong with a subscription to all Q&A) and I feel like sharing with all of you the great progress this experience brought into my life.

Three months ago I was so lost, so confused about almost everything: my emotions, what I really wanted from a relation, from a man, from myself being in a relationship. I felt scared, confused, I felt I had to profoundly heal myself and feel 'enough'.

During these three months, clarity grew bigger and bigger, self-confidence followed, self-esteem replaced fears and uncertainty.

It was not miraculous, I went through tough times. On top of those, the relation I started during these three months failed, but I was super quick to recover from it thanks to Simona's words and advice. She really enlightened me.

Now I have just started a new relationship and I feel confident: about the man who is next to me but most of all about myself.

Of course, I am still learning, that's why I will continue to be with you in the Q&A and I am happy that whenever I feel off track, this awesome program developed by this awesome lady will be right there to keep me focused.

Thanks, Simona Anghel'

Student Testimonial
Sonia Soumia ~ Personal Trainer


Student Testimonial
Riikka Kosola ~ Artist and International Dancer


 Lifetime Access

  To the Bloom Your Love Life - Alignment Program  that includes an 8-week step-by-step guide, tons of videos, cheat sheets, templates and more so that you can get off the ground on the right foot, fast. (Value: £6,000.00)

Love Medicine

  Deep analysis of your Soul's Gifts, Manifestation Blueprint and the energy that will help you to create abundance fast in your love life and ultimately in your entire life. (Value: £3000)

Love Mental Metamorphosis

 You will benefit from having an extra deep cleaning work. All your blocks, contracts and restrictions will be identified (present and past lives) and deleted from your soul, mind and physical level (3D, 4D, 5D). 
  5 (FIVE) Self-Coaching Tools - My step by step TOP FIVE self-coaching tools that will help you to work with your subconscious to change and overcome any negative beliefs, patterns or fears. I use these coaching tools for more than 10 years with my VIP clients for fast and permanent results (Value: £4500)

Lasting Love Readiness Assessment

 This amazing love test will clearly identify if you need healing first or mindset or maybe you need to start with focused & aligned actions.  (Value: £597)

2 Months Access To Alignment & Abundance Club

 Group coaching calls every 2 weeks and Intuitive Readings & Clearing Sessions every 2 weeks where you can come and receive coaching and lots of in-depth support. 2 months access to every single love question that you can have. (Value: £1,191)

One session with Simona

 One Session where Simona will reveal your Alignment Code - Soul Divine Blueprint and your unique Manifestation Blueprint (Value: £5500)

Total Value £20,788.00+

One Payment of: 

 £3500 GBP

Student's Voice

Vitalija Pilipauskaitė ~ Author
'Dear Simona, 6 months ago, on the 15th of January, I made a decision to commit and started work with your program. I started a stable wonderful relationship a bit lately. I met him on the 18th of March, after 2 months of working with you Simona.

I'm 38, divorced, I have 3 kids. I thought that that's impossible - to find a man who is able to accept me and my kids. Now I know that everything is possible. :)
We spend almost all the time together, I, he and my kids. We are ready to live together and create our home. I feel loved.

Everything is much simpler and easier if I know what I want and if I act for it. 🙂I know that my next step will be my own business. You showed me The Way. If my experience can help to inspire other women (or men), I will be happy to help you and them.

We (me and my partner) have a flight to Iceland today. We start our holidays for 2 weeks!!!! I feel really happy. Everything is different this time. No drama, no strong emotions - only a lot of hugs, kisses, conversations, dreams... I feel safe. This is quite a new experience for me.

Thank you, Simona. You are my best investment ever💛💛🧡'
Diana Juskaite ~ Lead Engineer
I feel like the language lacks of words to describe the professionalism and the high-quality service of Simona. She just nails it. She goes under your skin, gathers the data and teaches you to solve whatever issue you may have, teaches you to lead your life and live it with a great success, followed by true and juicy happiness.

And this is made not by some theory or general formula, but by understanding what do YOU need and want specifically, and helping you to be the real YOU. Simona is brilliant at this. I am highly impressed. The hardest thing is to end the course because it is so amazing to work with Simona.

 I have worked with her for 2 months because i saw some patterns that i was repeating and could not figure out how to get out of that damn circle. After 2 months I gained outstanding clarity and focus, learned to make bold decisions and trust them. Moreover, even though i really did not expect, I met the perfect man with whom I am building literally a dream relationship. It feels surreal, though it is true.
Sonia Soumia ~ Personal Trainer
Simona is a great coach, she knew exactly how to coach me and how to make me move in action. She kept me motivated along the way until I reached my dream – to meet my Soulmate.  I met him after 4 weeks of being in the program. I am happy that I meet her. Her integrity, honesty and patient make her also an exceptional woman as a coach and human being. Looking forward to still work with her in the future.
Eugenia Haloiu ~ Project Manager
When I decided to access Simona’s program, I wouldn’t have thought my life would change so spectacular, but I was just curious about what I would learn about myself. And she gave me the information which gave me another boost and changed my perspective. After two years and a half I wanted someone and I could not open up to another man and I could not conceive that there was someone else in this universe above him, my attachment disappeared and a fabulous thing happened then (I had somehow hoped that Simona would find a something about relations that will be shattered and I will be with him … but there was nothing:))) … and of course, I was a little bit sad at first). Two weeks after the reading, the things happened so that I found out something that finally and utterly freed me from that unparalleled love, remaining only with what was wonderful and good and with all the lessons I received, and though not I proposed and did not think it could happen again, and in no case so fast … I discovered a sensational person with whom things are perfect, as it should be, with which I feel completely aligned with my soul I am currently connected, with whom I feel fully loved and who receives my love with pleasure and joy. It still seems to me not true … although fortunately, it is and I am very grateful for these things ?! Merci, dear Simona!
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