Intuitive Reading Session

This is a small group format. No more than 10 people.

Session Date

Friday July 2nd, 2021 

 17.00 PM to 18:00 PM GMT 
18.00 PM to 19:00 PM CET 


Zoom Interactive Meeting

Here's How Intuitive Reading Session Works

1. We hop on Zoom, in a private room. You will receive a Zoom link after booking the session. (Don't worry, everything will be confidential.)

2. In the session, I will address all your questions and blocks, one by one. No question or block will be left behind. 

3. I will share with you the main root-cause of your problem. You can come with any blocks from your love, money, health, business or career area.

4. Then I will share with you unique, soul-aligned solution and what you can do step by step to eliminate your blocks and achieve your goal.

5. You leave with a rock-solid plan of actions aligned with your divine self.

Only £45 

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Have you ever tried to drive a car with the tires out of alignment? 

It's impossible. 
That's happening when you want to achieve your goals and you have blocks that are derailing you path.
I knew about my intuitive skills since I was a child. However I amplified them after I started to help single women with astrology. That was my first tool that helped me to expand & express my intuitive hints. 

Now, I'm just channeling information from the source without using any tool. 

And this is what you are going to experience in our session: pure connection with the divine source, the ultimate truth about your blocks, solutions aligned with your true self. 

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