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~ 5 Day Challenge ~
Learn To Manifest Committed Lasting Love
A 5-day Live Challenge - designed to help you ATTRACT & CHOOSE the right man and then easily MAINTAIN a committed & mutually lasting love relationship.
Monday, 29th of March through Friday, 2nd of April.
DAILY at 6.00 pm GMT / 7.00 PM CET
Attention Smart Active Single Ladies

Attract & Choose the right man and then Start & Maintain an amazing committed lasting love relationship without being afraid of losing yourself or him, it’s possible, FASTER than You think!
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What if your love life was a fulfilling and abundant expression of who you really are, as a Spiritual Being?

Sounds too good to be true?

What if it possible...without playing games or pretending to be someone you are not and while you are attracting more abundance and success by using a simple divine structure aligned with who you really are?

There is a Spiritual Secret Structure you are MISSING, from how you are operating in your love life!

Join Simona in her 5-Day Challenge

Learn To Manifest Committed Lasting Love

In this 5-Day Workshop, Simona Anghel will give you powerful self-coaching tools for helping you attract and choose the right man and then be able to maintain a committed lasting love relationship.

Purposely developed to help you finally have the ultimate AHA moment and shift your perception forever about being afraid of choosing the wrong man or starting and not being able to maintain the relationship.

Changing your love life forever!


You, and a few intelligent women who are ready to shift their love life NOW.
This will be a group with smart and active women where you will feel safe to express your true self and your deepest fears.

This is for active & smart women:

- who are struggling to choose the right man and maintain an amazing love relationship and can't pass the 2 -3 months dating mark.

- who can't attract their ideal vision of love or ideal partner and are worried that it’s too late to start a family and have kids.

- women in their 30’s, 40’s who are willing to grow in their love life and not just settle in a compromised and boring relationship.

- who invested a lot in fixing their love life, who tried everything and are sick and tired of applying the mainstream advice, by wasting months and months in painful healing, therapies and mindset processes.

- This is for spiritually awake women who want to experience the benefits of alignment and are ready to commit for living their divine gifts and step into their divine power.


Monday, 29th of March through Friday, 2nd of April.


Online of course! Into my private group. You can watch in bed, on your cell phone, or anywhere with an internet connection. This is an active group where you will feel comfortable to share your deepest fears.


Your inability to make your love relationships last, is not realigning in your skills and knowledge to change him or transform the relationship later on, but in your power to ATTRACT & CHOOSE the man aligned with your true self, from the very beginning.

And this lies in the ability to create soul-aligned clarity about WHAT, WHY and HOW you want your love life to be.

Therefore the 5 Day Challenge will contain:

The Ultimate Clarity Blueprint About What, Why and How you would like your love life to be so to attract fast and choose easily the right man. These coaching methods have the power to help you transform permanently your love life.

You will understand the reason why everything you've been trying to fix so far in your love life didn't work and what you should do instead, to create a committed romance.

All your love blocks will be deeply analyzed.
Your love blocks will be analyzed and explained in order for you to understand the root-cause (rejection complex, fear of not being good enough, fear of ending in a compromised relationship, fear of abandonment, losing your freedom, fear of repeating a pattern, fear of not being lied or cheated on, fear of not being betrayed, fear of not being used, fear of not getting hurt, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of ending up alone).

And many more surprises, that will help you in achieving your love goals this year.


The normal cost is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

…just because you deserve to know this information and transform your love life.

Here's How It Works

* Everyday, we’ll do a check-in with you via email, so you can set your intention, and make a goal.

* Then at 6 pm GMT I'll go live in the Private Group and deliver a coaching session to teach you every aspect of creating a soul-aligned clarity and eliminating your love blocks and changing your love life.

* You'll end your day by working with the self-coaching tools and taking one powerful step toward your desired goals.

* You'll get balls rolling, make things happen, and finish the 5 Day Workshop with the right tools, AHA moments and the advice you really need for attracting & choosing the right man and then make your relationship last, effortlessly. 

The Schedule

Pre-training - The right mindset to have fast results together with a detailed explanation about why everything that you've tried so far didn't help you to have the relationship you want.

Day 1 – Create soul-aligned clarity about WHAT you truly want to happen in your love life. This type of clarity will enable you to manifest your desired love life FAST

Day 2 – Create soul-aligned clarity about your WHY - THE BENEFITS. If you don't know the exact benefits that you'll get when you'll start your love relationship then you'll never be motivated to achieve your DREAM LOVE LIFE.

Day 3 – Discover all your LOVE NEGATIVE BELIEFS that are making you to attract and choose the wrong men over and over again. 

Day 4 –Discover all your LOVE FEARS that are sabotaging your entire love life. This day will be allocated to dig deeper and find the main root-cause of your inability to choose the right man and maintain an amazing love life.

Day 5 – Live Webinar on Zoom With Q&A

Now it's time to create clarity about your HOW. Therefore you are invited on Zoom for an amazing workshop. 

5 Step Divine Structure Smart & Active Single Women Use To Attract & Choose Their Soulmate And Then Maintain A Committed Lasting Love Relationship, Effortlessly...
(while they are creating more abundance and success)

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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