The 5 Step Blueprint Business Women Use To Attract Quality Clients, Fix Their Income, Open The Gate To Have It All And Accelerate Their Abundance and Success...
(While They Are Working Less And Have More Fun)
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Inside this workshop you'll learn about

A step-by-step game plan that will help you to align your business and life with your divine gifts so as to attract more money, have consistent cash flow and steady growth of abundance and success.

The #1 Secret to instantly attract high-ticket clients anywhere and anytime by bypassing your money blocks and by adapting your business to your unique energetic soul blueprint and how you can get in tune with your own divine gifts to create an impactful life.

The 3 Big Mistakes you are making in your manifestation process that are leading to feast and famine income cycles, work-burnout and overwhelming frustration.

How knowing your divine gifts and fixing the relationship with yourself will fix your financial instability and help you to have and maintain more abundance and success.

Why the mainstream advice on how to manifest more money, attract high-ticket clients and scale your business is not working for you, and what you can do to change your fortune and why it has NOTHING to do with mindset, childhood trauma or healing. to do ALL of this while creating a safer, more stable business - without wasting time and money on the wrong opportunities, business strategies and complicated coaching and healing sessions.
Simona Anghle 
My name is Simona Anghel and I'm an Abundance Accelerator for business owners.

I have more than 10 years of experience in online business, marketing, high-ticket selling and business strategies.

After building a thriving business as a Relationship coach for professional women, I decided to share my secrets of creating a thriving business and steady growth of income by eliminating the feast and famine income cycles, work burnout and overwhelming frustration.

My approach is complex and goes beyond any dimension (3rd D, 4th D, 5th D) to find super fast the root cause of any problem and then align your entire business to your soul-gifts.

So it's a perfect mixture of energies, mindset, and soul-aligned actions.
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