The 5 Step Process Ambitious Professional Single Women Use To Align Their Entire Life, Attract Their Soulmate And Accelerate Their Abundance And Success...
(without spending months in a painful dating process or in endless therapies.)
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Inside this workshop you'll learn about

How to stop self-sabotaging your love life with this MUST DO divine strategy, to make room for your SOULMATE to enter your life (and no, it's not about being "more feminine" because this isn't 1950).

The Lasting Love Blueprint to attract the kind of man you would actually WANT to share your life with, even if you live in a place like Lapland, are heartbroken, or a single mum without the time or money to date.

How to quickly and confidently screen out men not right for you so you can start dating "Mr. Right" FASTER (Goodbye painful dates 👋).
Simona Anghle 
My name is Simona Anghel and I'm a love and relationship coach.

I have more than 10 years of experience as a mentor, coach and psychic. 

And here is how I ended up helping single professional women to attract their Soulmate.

I was dumped by my fiance …

I just moved to a brand new city, I was in a new engineering job, I had no friends, no emotional support, feeling not attractive at all, being overweight and I didn't know even how to flirt.

I spent the next 90 days in tears and denial. I was hoping that he will come back because a friend of mine who was a clairvoyant told me that he is my soulmate and I will get married at 25 years old with him.

When I finally dried my eyes and got out of bed, an astrologer told me that I just have bad karma in the relationship field and that I should accept being alone for the rest of my life.

Being alone wasn't an option.

Therefore I became obsessed to find WHY and THE SOLUTION.

I tried everything...

After 5 years of trying everything (astrology, numerology, Reiki, Shamanic procedures, Theta Healing. I was able to help my friends to attract the right man and have clients, even I was alone), I had my breakthrough.

And as soon as I applied the Lasting Love Blueprint, 2 weeks later I met Alex, my husband.

And this life path gave me a great solution for ladies like me, which are high-achievers and don't want to give up. I already helped over 500 women to overcome their fears and find love with the right guy.

And today I want to share it with you in the most tangible, efficient and practical way. 
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